Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's Happenings

Here’s the not so up to date entirely update of the Lemons family. The kids have been taking turns terrorizing me, some times both at once. I swear they make a draft of their plans when my back is turned.  Brianna is teething (for my sleep levels feels like the billionth time), however she broke her two bottom teeth only days apart.  Then followed her two front teeth (which are still making the decent), and finally the most recent debut is the top peek a boo act of an incisor tooth on bottom. Both kids are ridiculously sick with colds, but I feel like death warmed over some days so my sincere hopes is that means I have now received their gift of the “ickys” and they will be over this cold in no time. I have my fingers and toes crossed because this would mean no more cabin fever (I just can’t be that Mom that drops her kids off at the daycare at the gym and gets everyone sick, or runs errands and spreads “sick” everywhere). The kids and I are highly looking forward to not being sick so we can finally get out and ditch the bad attitude and tantrums (Mom included).  We have been watching lots of movies, Nick Jr. and Disney channel I swear I have every theme song memorized and our lungs are also singing the praise of our Vicks humidifier.
 Brianna is getting to be such a sassy pants…well for those who know her it should be said she is becoming a BIGGER sassy pants.  We have a huge battle at meal time, seeing as how she feels she needs to hold the food and spoon, heaven forbid Mom even tries to. Problem is she still doesn’t know how to feed herself, so most meals we tug of war over a spoon with food on it that ends up mostly on her. Lately I have been blessed with random puke fests from Brianna as she learns that coughing is not the same as gagging…which during meals she gets confused with during cough fits...cough cough cough, spewwwww. It’s been more than fantastic. Tristan still keeps me on my toes, in fact it’s been decided that kiddo is way too smart for me. He asks in the middle of the night to “go Poop” because he knows I will not turn down any potty attempt; however he now uses it to stay up later and will just sit on the potty, when I go to remove him he screams… I want to try to go poop!! He also has learned rather well to talk back with statements like “No Mom, I am not going to listen to you”. He also likes to point out the obvious and say inappropriate things such as the other day when my Dad says “Tristan did you see the snow outside? It’s snowing outside!” in which Tristan replied “NO S#$T Grandpa!”(yes punishment followed). Or “Shut up Mom” (also a big punishment inducer).
Most days lately, I’m tired and exhausted and don’t even realize what’s going on. If I didn’t have a helping hand from the Mom I’d probably be completely mental. However, with all the crazy comes all the perfect. The other night I found Tristan sleeping in Brianna’s Crib (same night I tried to let her cry it out) Tristan when I tried to carry him out “No Mom, just helping Tristan stop crying”. Yes, my heart swelled, and I cried a little that Daddy missed it. Tristan and Brianna bathe together now that she sits so well. He always helps shampoo her hair and shares his bath toys. When Brianna wakes from a nap Tristan always greets her and kisses her head and says “HI Nah-na”. Tristan always tries to help everyone these days whether it’s cleaning the house, carrying groceries, doing laundry, or even carry the car seat. Basically, the kids are so awesome when they want to be that I tend to forget the bad and that is my battle. Exhausted, stressed and frustrated with the kiddos, but at the same time adoring them and loving them to death so I can’t blame them for a thing. Brianna is finally proving to be a lot more like her brother; she is already trying to creep along EVERYTHING!! She picks up anything (I really mean ANYTHING) that she finds on the floor and will always put it into her mouth. Additionally she is working on trying to test the limits of stairs too. She is so funny she really is moody and has an evil streak: she laughs when Tristan throws tantrums (Brianna doesn’t do much giggling for those who know her), she also will “scream” whenever I am raising my voice at Tristan…almost as if she’s yelling at him too, and giggles when I get hurt (stub a toy, scratch ha-ha anything!!!).  Oh and Jesse, not like he’s an afterthought, in fact he’s all we think about. He’s doing well, but keeping oh so busy that we get to hear from him not so often. Looks like things will be easier soon?? Come late spring his job description should change but we’ll see, we are hoping for the kiddos’ sake and my peace of mind.  He really has a hard time being away from the kiddos when they are at such a fun age, but what can you do? I know it’s killing him so much, because he’s just an amazing …um really amazing Daddy. Simply put, life is crazy crazy crazy busy with the kiddos and Daddy being awesome (well I am Awesome too).But we are blessed, and the kiddos are literally killing me and making me stronger all at once<3. I take great pride in the sacrifice we make together as a family; we are Army Strong and love our soldier. These days aren’t always easy, but they are worth it knowing how much we will have as a family at the end of this.