Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a Little of Me

I’m officially over the mid twentys and definitely feel a little torn after this Birthday. I ‘m not quite sure whether I feel old or young. Most days I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be a wife, a mother, and paying bills and taking care of things like  shots, memorizing the family’s social security numbers, folding laundry and organizing house.  Other days I feel like I’m old. Those are the days where I have to take care of EVERYTHING, the days where the kids overwhelm  me to a point where I want to just cry,  and the days where there are bills we can’t pay.  I guess that comes with adulthood , the good , the bad and the ugly. However, I wouldn’t change any of the days I’ve had in the past year and all the 25 years before because everything I’ve been through has taught me who I am, and what I am capable of. Here is my compilation of what I know about the past 26 years of MY life. If you don’t know me too well, this might shed some light …haha.
Top Ten Pet Peeves for 26 years
1.       Loud eaters
2.        Civilians who wear any piece of a real military uniform
3.        Bad parents  which include ( diaper only children in public, smoking next to your baby/child,  having babies without being able to afford them(I overheard a couple arguing about how they couldn’t afford enough diapers for the week or food),  soda in baby bottles, etc.)… I will always believe people should have to qualify for parenting. Being able to have a baby does not a parent make
4.        People with nice cars, that they don’t clean
5.       People who ask questions during movies instead of actually watching for the answers
6.       Know it alls, I HATE when people offer unsolicited advice
7.       People that are rude to public service employees i.e. waiters, customer service people, Baristas, etc. Think about how you’d want to be treated if you were on the other side of the counter
8.       Sloppy people. Cleaning up after yourself is not hard, just takes a few more minutes.
9.       Copying, I’ve always been told to take it as flattery. I really have never been able to.When people copy me it makes me CRAZY!!
10.   People who seek out praise or attention  when it’s not being freely offered their direction
Top Ten Life lessons(thus far)
1.       Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to me isn’t to everyone else.
2.       The best lessons learned, are some of the hardest things you experience and that hurt you the most to go through or overcome
3.       Everything really, really, really happens for a reason.
4.       Motherhood is the hardest, most stressful,  most overwhelming,most beautiful, and rewarding experience.
5.       Love is really all about a little give and take, and ALWAYS takes work.
6.       If you don’t have your integrity you have nothing.
7.       Friends worth keeping are there for you in your darkest hours, the times when you are hurting, suffering,or simply just going through something challenging even when they have no idea why.These are the friends who don’t always have do say  something they just understand
8.       My parents weren’t lying when they told me growing up that money doesn’t grow on trees.
9.       Sometimes the unplanned, the accidents, the mistakes are some of the best things that could happen to you.
10.   My husband and my kids are my life and I never thought sooo much love was physically possible.

Top ten things I could not live without
1.       My husband and kids
2.       My Camera
3.       Flip flops
4.       Music
5.       Coffee/’bucks
6.       Ice cream
7.       My wedding ring
8.       Mascara
9.       Anitbactirial
10.   Small notebook /pen…I can’t live without my lists(HAHA obviously)
25 Things about me
1.        I  Live for routine, often difficult as an Army wife, but I’m obsessed with routine and order.
2.        I am obsessed with the color pink, dangerous as a mother of a little girl.
3.       When I  think no one is looking I love to sing at the top of my lungs and Dance like a fool.
4.       I love to play my music loud, but I absolutely hate when I have to listen to the radio bc I HATE commercials with buzz kill.
5.        I will wear my favorite pair of jeans as many times as I can get away with before people start to notice.
6.       I’m pretty sure we’re done having babies.However whenever I see a newborn, or a pregnant lady my ovaries go into hyper drive and make want to instantly be pregnant. Then I quickly realize the whole labor and delivery part, the getting fat part, and then trying to get rid of the fat part and, I’m back to realityJ
7.       I love to take photos. In fact I would love to one day have my own little side job of free lancing photography taking pictures at weddings, and portraits of kids,babies and families. However, I am so involved in my pictures and love everything about them(it’s how I see the world)That I’m scared to put myself out there in fear of rejection.(Kinda of contradictory concepts I know)
8.       I’m really really afraid of rejection
9.        I don’t like to cry in front of people. In fact I can safely say my mother and my husband are the only people besides maybe my brothers who have REALLY seen me cry.(see pet peeve 10)
10.   I am slightly OCD. I can walk into a room/building and think of all the germ infested places. Example, I  cannot use a dishcloth more than once to clean something or one rag for multiple surfaces for that matter(just spreading icky germs from one place to another).  I don’t like to touch the toilet handle without tp in public restrooms, and yes folks I hover in port a potties.
11.   I am very particular about my kids’ care. I have a hard time leaving my kids for very long.  I am very scared of the concept of daycare.(FACT: only 1 out of 3 child care facilities is ever inspected!!!)
12.    I hate painting my fingernails because I don’t like chipped fingernails, it looks so trailer park(please note I have chipped fingernails as we speak haha).
13.    I believe  some holidays deserve to be celebrated whole heartly: Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, Halloween(sometimes), and  Anniversaries
14.    I am very afraid  of what the world will be like for our children when they are teens/adults. Perfect example freezing military pay??WTF
15.    I love to just chill, but I prefer to always have something going on that keeps me busy.
16.    I hate going to the doctors (except when I am pregnant). I will let something go as long as I can until I ABSOLUTELY have to go to the doctor.
17.    I love to workout when I’m skinny, but when I’m overweight I HATE IT!! I find it kind of an amusing concept.
18.    I am not above bribing my son. Sometimes it’s the only way to get him to listen to me.
19.    I have many moments that channel on the same level of blond as Jessica simpson. Example: “I don’t think this turkey leg takes much like Turkey”
20.   I  absolutely despise mornings.
21.    I Don’t feel bad that I spend entirely way too much money on things the kids probably don’t really need.
22.   I  believe that life is short. Because of this I overuse “I love you” , shower my kids in Kisses and cherish every moment we have together as a family as sacred and special.
23.    I hate being lost, in fact it kind of makes me panic a little.
24.   I am extreme. Very all or nothing type.
25.    I am a sentimental pack rat. I still have every corsage I ever received, my driver’s permit, all my cheerleading uniforms, my college acceptance letter and even the pay stub from my first paycheck.
Weird quirks I've Developed:
1. I only like to drink water if it's cold
2. I hate when my food touches
3. I love ketchup on my eggs
4. I clean my ears like almost every day
5.I think warm coffee sucks unless you can drink it before it's cold
6. Milk sucks
7. I take time outs in the bathroom---Mommy time outs for even just 5 minutes
8. I take almost scalding hot showers
9. I don't like socks
10. I pack household goods in our clothing

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Block Leave Adventures

The time we had together on block leave was simply put, FANTASTIC. I couldn't think of anything more that we could have managed to cram into such a  brief time together to ourselves. Who ever came up with the idea that two weeks was enough?? We went to Topeka zoo, Oktoberfest, the playground what seems like a billion times, fishing, bowling,the nature center, had a movie night, and a pumpkin patch. I was going to detail each trip but that'd take a lot of time. A run down of it all is Tristan loved playing with Daddy, Brianna loved convincing her Daddy that she has to be held or snuggled in order to sleep. Tristan loved only about three things from the zoo trip... the train,playing peek a boo with a baby oragatanun, and the zoo playground. Oktoberfest would have been a complete bust had it not been for all the kiddie rides in which Tristan rode multiple times. He even received a compliment from a ride conductor that he was the most well mannered, smart, and mature two year old he's ever seen. Fishing was fun for Daddy, while the rest of us pretty much just provided support. Daddy thought it'd be fun at the nature center to rock Tristan on those bouncy rides on a playground and instead flung him to the ground. At the Pumpkin patch Tristan insisted on carrying aka dropping his pumpkins, thought every one he saw was his. He also wanted to feed the animals but didn't want them to touch his hands so we had quite a dilemma . Brianna was a poop for the last bit of the Pumpkin patch but all in all after all the places we've been she was a good sport almost every where we went. When we went bolwing I apparently was wrong that I was good in High School. Tristan and Jesse raked me over the coals for two games. If we had put in bumpers Tristan and Jesse would have probably beat me even worse. We had a lot of fun on movie night, even though Brianna didn't cooperate. Tristan tried Sprite for the first time and ever since has insisted on getting more of it. I also discovered that they make Charleston Chew minis ...AMAZING, I think I'm in love.

Tristan found this ring and insisted on putting it on Mommy

This Little Guy and Tristan were like two peas in a pod

They had a HUGE park across from the Zoo with a Train

Tristan sat like this for nearly 30 minutes, and his expression stayed the same while he looked at EVERYTHING!

Perfectly folded, and I didn't even tell him to:)

Such a Trooper, she was happy like this in her Stroller all Afternoon at the Zoo

One of the many attractions at Grant Park in Topeka was a rose garden, with over 16,000 different roses!

She kept me Company while we waited for Dad and Brother at the Carousel
Found him like this after his morning Trip to the park...on the couch, only a few hours after waking up!

Tristan took full advantage of finally having Daddy around for Bed time stories

He told me he was calling Grandma

When Jesse first was on leave Tristan would sneak out of his bed after bedtime and into Jesse's spot, just in case Daddy decided he wasn't going to stay haha!

I tried to channel my inner child by going down on my stomach and my fat ass got stuck at the end

Tristan went down after me and gave me a good shove off the slide:)

Even though it was kind of cold , he insisted your suppose to lay in the sand, or as he called it the beach

Love this because it looks like Tristan is already starting PT

One of the many times she convinced Dad he was the only way for her to get some sleep

Park Bench Bum:)

He is such a good big brother , he was so careful and had so much fun taking her down the slide with him

Yet another nap for Dad and Brianna, she has him hypnotized, and I secretly think he uses her as an excuse to nap himself

Jesse found this little guy hiding on the tall slide at the playground

He's got such good balance

He got a fat lip and wouldn't take ice, so I gave him a popsicle ...looks like Dad isn't the only sucker in the family:)

haha this is the ride Jesse tried to bounce Tristan on and instead launched him straight into the ground. I love giving him a hard time about it because he felt soooo horrible about it.

First ride of the little Kiddie Motorcycles at "Oktoberfest"

He was the only kid who actually thought he was driving the boat, he was very focused

Our little eager beaver didn't take long to figure out how the ticket thing worked

He rode this little roller coaster twice and each time followed directions and held on the entire time:)

Watching Mom and Tristan on the Ferris wheel

Tristan went down this slide once with Daddy and once with me, this slides scare me to death so I can say I conquered a fear at "Oktoberfest"

LoL I wish I could have got a good shot of Jesse and Tristan actually on the ride, Jesse was on the verge of barfing the entire time and Tristan was so focused I couldn't tell if he was going to throw up, cry , focused or all three! It was soooo funny to watch!!

They had a fire engine with the Ft. Riley Fire Department. Being on an Army base Tristan doesn't really care much for none Army stuff, on the engine the only thing he found interesting about it was a piece of candy he found while he was up there!

Enough Crap for an Army, I swear we probably put 2 extra pant sizes on Mommy! Those Charleston Chew minis though are probably my new favorite candy, only trumping.....Charleston Chew Orginal Candy Bars haha!

Our Movie night layout, the boys rough housed in the pillows A LOT!!

Proof I wasn't lying when I said Brianna was a POOP for movie night, but upside is we could press pause, no one else was affected and the night went on without any money wasted!

Tristan Ready for the Movie, the whole gang is here.
Could our footwear be any Sexier??

Our Family Balls....hahaha

Didn't take long in a game for me to start to get my butt kicked!

She was perfectly content as long as she could see us bowl, and no one stopped her from blowing her bubbles!

Loved the little baby calves at the petting zoo at the Pumpkin patch.

This picture might trick you into thinking he fed the animals. False. However, he did everything but because he refused to let the animals eat off his hands.

This was the good part. He loved getting into the tractor, sitting in the Tractor seat. After realizing how high up he was by himself...he was a little less enthused.

Daddy home also means I finally get to be on the other side of the lens once and a while.

Telling everyone about the Tractor stamp on his hand while we were on the hay ride.

Picking up pumpkins

Every pumpkin was his pumpkin. He'd pick it up carry it , see another one, drop his and pick up another.

Very protective of his pumpkin.

Everyone's Pumpkin except Brianna's.