Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playground Ettiquette

Today was a playground day. As I headed to the playground with the kids in tow the only thought I had in my mind was that nap time would last forever and man oh man did I need that long nap time! Anyone ever notice though that when there are other kids there, there seems to be some unwritten playground rules of ettiquette? Who decided these rules? Obviously Tristan going up to a little girl that caught his eye and rubbing her butt is not ok haha in fact it was quite embarrassing. My little man thinks he  knows all the right moves to wooh the ladies. When I told him we don't rub girls butts (as I choked back laughter  at the fact I had to say those words) he replied with "cute" and pointed to her and laughed. Ohhhh boy... I don't think he gets it. However, here's the deal with the rule thing. Tristan is two not even old enough to understand turns. The kids that were playing on the playground were like 4 and 5... anyways they all decided to go down the slide at once. I'll admit I'm not the paranoid Mom on the playground, in fact as long as he's not bleeding or crying I assume he's having a heck of a time. With all the kids on the slide everyone collided at the end, which made all the kids cry. All the kids except my own... of course because he's awesome and tough:)! Toughness aside the other moms and one dad...(totally weird too, in uniform, this guy doesn't have anything better to do during work hours than hang with some housewives?) gave me the look of death and glared at my little dude. Seriously?? So the best part is they began a little whisper session( which brought me back to highschool) as they gathered up their kids and headed to the "other" playground about 500 ft. away. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Did Tristan just become the playground bully because he was the only one that didn't cry after the group slide sess?? So lame. Even more lame is I had to explain to Tristan why he now was the only one at the playground and how the other kids didn't want to play. My two year old had the first moment of rejection. Where did this rules come from?? How sad has it become that I am a bully's mom and Tristan a bully simply because he's not that wimpy kid that cries over everything. My son played at that playground today for hours and wouldn't you know other kids came and went and played contently with Tristan... no crying either. Apparently the days of childhood innnocence are being clouded with  the complexes of some parents.I will not understand these unwritten rules, and I guess that means some days Tristan will just be the bully.

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