Sunday, August 21, 2011

Motivator List

Too often you come across the Army wife who takes her plight and turns it into the next Days of Our Lives. Honestly, I will admit sometimes this job sucks. It’s not always sunshine and lollipops…but what in this life that is worth a damn really is? Anything worth having or doing is not ever easy. So here’s the deal rather than feeling sorry for myself the other day when I was having a “bad” day, I started to motivate myself by creating a mental list of the pros of deployments (if you are a civilian you are probably saying “how is there anything good about a deployment?”). I thought out of the interest of fulfilling my free time and possibly amusing fellow “Domestic engineers”, I’d share said list. So here it is in no specific order what so ever.
1.       I save a butt load of money on toiletries i.e. razors, make up, hairstyling products because I only dress up for myself,  and when I have to time too( so far I can count 5 occasions where I put on makeup while Jesse has been gone)
2.       The part of the house that can’t be seen on the webcam isn’t always clean…but as far as Jesse is concerned it’s spotless (I did just blow my cover). That’s not to say he would be bothered by it but I wonder what he thinks I do with my free time when the house isn’t clean.
3.       The kids and I can wear our PJs all day if we’d like and there’s no one that’s going to walk in and go “WTF??”
4.       I can watch any show I want. I watch the crap TV that if Jesse was sitting next to me would say “Why do you care?? Who are these ladies anyway” (Housewives of…series, Jerseylicious etc.)
5.       My delicates and camisoles stay nice because there are no uniforms in the wash
6.       Laundry demand is cut in half... see #3
7.       There are less dishes to be done
8.       Groceries aren’t needed quite as often
9.       I can cook whatever I feel like…PBJ for dinner heck yes!
10.   I can hog the covers, turn up the heat, or turn it down and there is not compromise necessary
11.   I have finally get a go at things I never would before…i.e. car, garage, yard etc.(that’s not to say I like it, but being able to see what I’m capable of is always empowering)
12.   For the time being I’m B’s Favorite(until Daddy gets on Skype then she’s back to hating MommyJ)
13.   I get to pick Scentsy smells Jesse can’t stand
14.   I wear the perfume he doesn’t like, and lip gloss with coconut flavor(he’s allergic)
15.   I don’t have alarm clocks going off
16.   I get to pick all the movies
17.   If I don’t’ leave the house, I don’t have to wear a bra all day if I don’t feel like it
18.   No whiskers in the sink, or farmer’s blow boogers on the shower wall
19.   The truck music is almost always what I want(when Tristan doesn’t request rock n’ roll)
20.   I can dress the kids in all the clothes I think are cute and don’t need a second opinion on
I love Jesse, so much sometimes it hurts.  There are so many things that suck about deployment that’s definitely a fact, that list is almost 3 times as long. But, sometimes at least for me it helps to try, really really try, to look at the glass half full. Otherwise, I think we’d all just lose it. Because if I spent my time feeling sorry for myself, crying about how lonely I get then I’d be wasting my time, that’s not going to do anything but make this time go even slower.   For now , I  look at this list when I feel like poop; like this deployment is just taking too damn long to be over, and I just can’t go another day without my best friend and I remember it’s always doable…just one day at a timeJ.

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